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4 Fantastic Tips to Looking as Healthy as You Feel?

Posted on October 26, 2018 in Burn Fat Fast

When the pounds start to come off, seeing the scale tip the right direction for once is an empowering feeling. We feel so much healthier, and we want to see that when we look in the mirror. Unfortunately, fewer pounds doesn’t always make us look as amazing as we feel. In order for the rest of the body to catch up with the new you, you may have to give it a little push in the right direction. Here are 4 self care tips that will help you get there.

Your skin needs love too – exfoliate

Working out is great for your body, but not always so great for your skin. Your pores open up when you sweat, and the dead skin cells and grime on your face can work their way into your pores. Pimples along the forehead are a common sight on athletes, but they don’t have to mark up your face.
Best Exfoliating Body ScrubberGet yourself a good scrubber for your face and body, and use it regularly to help exfoliate your skin. You’ll get a nice, healthy glow for those next post workout photos, and your face will also be pimple free.

Drink lots of water

There are very few health issues that can’t benefit from a little extra water. Your fine lines and wrinkles will become less noticeable as your skin plumps up from that extra hydration, cracked lips will disappear, and you may feel less hungry and more energized. Drinking extra water alone may even help you with your weight loss goals. Western diets tend to have an excess amount of salt in them, and ingesting too much salt leads to retained water. The only way to shed that water weight is to actually drink more water (and, well, consume less salt.) As your body has less salt in it, it will need to hold onto less water, and you’ll lose a few more of those pounds. That’s a lot easier than sweating on the treadmill!

Dress for success

How we dress is often the first thing other people notice about us, but when we are tired and run down putting together a nice outfit isn’t top on our list. Now that you’re starting to feel great about the changes in your body, consider getting an outfit that makes you feel fabulous, and wearing it at least once a week.

An outfit that makes you feel fabulous will spill over into other areas of your life. Your posture will improve, and so will your mood. You don’t have to give up your sweat pants and baggy sweater nights, but dressing up every once in a while is a great way to show off your new body, and to help motivate you to keep those pounds dropping. After all, what is the point of having a great body if you can’t show it off a little?

Are you a smoker? Time to quit!

Smoking is a very difficult habit to give up, but so are many of the habits that lead to weight gain—and look at you now! You probably already know about most of the reasons why you should quit smoking. Lung cancer and breathing disorders being at the top of the list. It’s also not very good for your looks. Smoking can age you prematurely, and also make it harder for you to workout.

Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things you can do, but you can do it. Studies show that if you give up smoking, you start reaping the benefits as little as an 24 hours after giving it up. (1) In just those few short hours, your increased risk of heart attack goes down. It’s worth the effort for your health, and for how you feel.

Sometimes how we feel doesn’t match up with how we look. When we’ve spent hours building muscle and burning fat, having people comment on the bags under our eyes instead of those 15 missing pounds can be disheartening. With these tips however, you can help your outward appearance match up, and soon you’ll be enjoying the compliments of friends and family as they finally notice the new you.


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