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Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight Naturally

Posted on August 12, 2017 in Burn Fat Fast

It’s so easy to put on weight but try and get rid of it—it’s stubborn and resists all efforts to get the body back into shape. You try different diets, exercise till you’re bone-weary but the avoirdupois doesn’t budge. Rather than try fad diets and watch those scales despairingly—there’s another way to lose weight naturally by avoiding certain foods? Does that sound incredible? It’s actually really, really doable.


Can you say “NO” to unhealthy food?

You think you’re eating right, but oftentimes, you’re really not. What professes to be healthy food is really the unhealthiest for your body, but thanks to advertising gimmicks, many products touted and advocated by the media find their way to your pantry and fridge.

As Susan Bird – renowned makeup artist and blogger recently mentioned on her blog about Pueraria Mirifica writeup: “Theory is all fun and games, but that is not what we’re after, is it? We want results!

How right she is. So let’s focus on the science of what actually helps us lose weight instead of getting distracted by theories or old wives tales.

The words ‘diet and protein shakes’ makes you think of it as a high value food that’s good for the body, but pause for a moment and think of what they contain. They’re full of sugar, fats and a few vitamins thrown – a glamorized milk-shake that promises to do more bad than good. Avoid them like plague.

Fruit juices are no better—not only are they full of sugar but are bereft of fiber, which determines how our body processes sugars and helps reduce spikes in insulin levels. Robbed of fiber, the juice doesn’t have any healthy content in it. So stick to the simple fruit and vegetable and ingest it -as it is-unembellished. You’ll not only be healthier, but you’ll lose weight and save money too.

Most of us start the day with cereal that claim to be low in fat; that maybe so but as they are refined and processed (sophisticated terms that imply the loss of good nutrients), contain sodium and sometimes sugar, it’s good to stay away from the bowl of cereals. Oats, which is full of fiber, is definitely a good carbohydrate to begin the day with—stick to naturally occurring complex carbohydrates and eschew their refined kin.

If you thought that you were making a health conscious choice by drinking a diet soda, then you’re off the mark. Soda has lots and lots of empty calories and diet sodas are no better as they have been known to lead to weight gain. If you’re feeling thirsty—stick to good old water—there’s really nothing like it.

Avoid processed foods; they’re loaded with flavors, artificial chemicals and preservatives and are often high in carbs (the wrong kind—refined). The extremely high sodium levels also are not good for your blood pressure.

Consuming processed food can have negative health effects and often lead to chronic diseases too. So no matter how healthily they are labeled, stay clear of processed foods. Granola bars are labeled as ‘healthy foods, but do remember that they are full of fat, calories and sugar, so apart from an occasional bite, do leave them on the shelves. Shy away from anything that has margarine or trans fats –nothing could be worse for you.

Alcohol—moderate amounts are stated to reduce chance of heart disease, but the truth of the matter is it contains 7 empty calories per gram. Taken regularly, it can affect hormone levels, dehydrate you and damage your liver, not to mention addiction. Stay away as far as possible.

The best way to stay naturally healthy and trim your waistline is just eat simple, natural foods, fruits and vegetables and avoid everything else. It’s well worth it in the long run.