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Simple Aerobic Exercise Tips

Posted on August 13, 2015 in Burn Fat Fast

Exercises to Lose WeightIf you have decided to begin a program of aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming or just an aerobics class you should consider the following aerobic exercise tips:
First, make an appointment with your doctor, to have a general check of your heart condition and your health in general. Ask him what kind of aerobic program will suit you best. Walking is the simplest one.

Usually it is recommended to do it at least 20 min. 3 o 4 times a week with no more than 2 days off between sessions. If you are also trying to lose weight, frequency will become a very important part of your program because it helps you to burn calories. The intensity is also important. How hard should you exercise?

This can be measured by the heart rate. The recommended rate should range from 60 % to 85% of your maximum heart rate (THR). You can search in the web how to calculate your THR. There is also the “Talk Test” if you can talk without feel you are out of bread while doing your aerobic, then that’s a good signal you are working out well.
Begin your program with 20 min in a moderate way, and then you should work up to 60 minutes each session.

You should increase the days up to 5 to 6 days a week. Remember this activity should be fun, so choose the one you like most. If you don’t like walking, but you love dancing, then do it. Just keep in mind, it has to have the 3 requirements explained above, that is frequency, intensity and time. Warm up 10 minutes before beginning your exercises, there are many of them that help your body to be ready.

Start your activity slowly and then increase your movements, listen your body, don’t force yourself, the idea is to get fit not to become an athlete. Keep your THR as long as you feel comfortable 20 min to 40 min if you have been doing your program for a while and then cool down for 10 more minutes.

Change your routine to avoid boredom. I f you always walk in the same park change the route. I f you were dancing salsa, dance rock and roll or any other type of dance. If you have been injured, then heal it first. Sometimes it happens at the beginning of any program because you still don’t know well how to warm up and cool down.

One important aerobic exercise tip is to stay hydrated while working out. Drink plenty of water before, while and after finish your aerobic exercise. Stop your program if you feel any problem and ask your doctor. Finally, enjoy what you are doing, don’t think of this as something you have to do.

The benefits will be worth the effort, in a few weeks you will feel better and full of energy and your body will be happy to be in a good health condition. A healthy body is a much happier body.