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Simple Exercises to Burn fat at Home with no Gym Equipment

Posted on August 12, 2015 in Burn Fat Fast

Going to the gym every day and having to work out can be a pain—many of us are not mentally tuned to that, and for most of us having gym equipment at home isn’t an option. Does this mean that we can’t burn fat at all if we don’t go to the gym? Rest easy—you can have the cake and eat it too. No equipment—but you can still burn fat.

Here’s how:
Walking is always good exercise-large doses of which are prescribed by doctors. If you can’t walk outdoors, the stairs will do fine-just go up and down about a dozen times and take a couple of fat books with you for the added resistance and effort. Even walking around the house is just as good– a little boring perhaps, but worth the effort.

Much as you dislike squats, they’re rather effective. You can even do them standing up against the wall. Just place your feet shoulder apart, squat down, hold, come up and repeat this a dozen times. Do it while watching the TV and you won’t lose out on anything. You can even do them by using a chair. Just sit and stand up without leaning forward. Your legs and hamstring will benefit.
Crunches are great for building up and strengthening the abdominal muscles. While doing them try and get your head up as much as possible—it needn’t go all the way up. Just ensure that you feel those muscles within you stretch as you do them. That way you know that they are doing you some good.
If you thought dancing was only for parties and such, you’re wrong—it’s a great exercise, not too strenuous and good for the heart. It soothes and elevates your mood and boosts your soul and spirit and helps to burn those calories.
There’s nothing like leg lifts to build up muscle and strength in your legs or if you choose to do so, use steps to tone your leg muscles. However, do exercise caution while doing so, lest you slip and hurt yourself.
If you’re in front of the TV and feel like a little exercise, jog in place. Wear on shoes to eliminate stress to your legs and you’ve got a good thing going. Jogging is good for the heart, good for the legs and good for you.
Have you ever tried hula hooping? It’s great fun, a stress buster and a calorie burner. It appears if you hula hoop for 30 minutes, you burn as much as 200 calories. Jump rope for 10 minutes—you’ll burn about 130 calories.
Weight lifting is a great way to increase the body metabolism and burn calories and fat. You don’t have to buy expensive weights—just use what you have at home. Water bottles or the milk cans (not empty ones of course) — will be just as effective.
Home workouts are an easy way to keep the body in shape and burn the unwieldy mass of fat that just seem to appear from nowhere. They are good options when you don’t feel like getting out of the house.
And while you’re doing these workouts, don’t let your diet slip—you’ll be healthy and fit with no spare tires around the middle.